English in Malta

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Malta is one of the leaders of the European industry of learning English. English in Malta is the official  language of the country, Malta is a former English colony.

All language schools in Malta are licensed by the Ministry of Education of the country, and the license is obtained only with compliance with strict rules. In addition, the Federation of English Language Learning Organizations (FELTOM) is successfully working there, whose main task is to create learning standards in language centres. Language courses in Malta vary in duration: from 2 weeks to a year. The duration depends on your goals and the specific program. There are several types of language courses: a standard course, an exam preparation course, a business course, courses for the whole family. Individual programs are year-round, and, as a rule, start every Monday. The duration and type of the course you choose yourself.

Learning English in Malta will allow you:

– Get a discount when choosing a full coverage when applying for a visa or immigration to Australia

– Improve the level of English for your purposes

– Get a Visa History

– Get a life experience in a multicultural country that speaks English

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