My name is Alexandr Yadarinkin. I am a director of AY Migration Office. I am happy you are visiting my website right now and hope I could help you. I am living in Australia and love this country so much. I achieved my goals in 2013. Now, I would like you to achieve your goals. Working as a registered migration agent, I would be happy to help your dreams become a reality. Professionalism, honesty and following “the letter of the law” are synonymous of my work. Building a client-oriented business is my mission. My approach is strategic planning for everyone in order to obtain the desired result.

My professional skills:

  • Specialist (5 years) Economics and Accounting (Russia)
  • Bachelor of Business (Sydney, Australia)
  • Master of Laws (in process) (Sydney, Australia)
  • Certificate for Australian Migration Law (Sydney, Australia)
  • English for Business purposes (Malta)
  • English for Academic Purposes (Sydney)
  • Membership at the Migration Alliance of Australia
  • Annual qualification upgrades

Your Migration Agent

Membership at the Migration Institute of Australia



MARA Code of Conduct could be found here:

In addition to service of applying and getting a visa, I also provide services in more complex cases, such as:

  • Legalization
  • Applying for a visa after receiving a refusal
  • Interference of the Minister for Immigration into the case
  • Assistance in challenging the case in the Tribunal
  • Other services related to the Immigration Process

I conduct my activities in full compliance with the Code of Conduct for Registered Migration Agents in Australia, which can be found here.

A reminder for the client can be found here.

Since 2010, watching, and then, directly dealing with issues of migration law in Australia, I was convinced, even on personal experience, that this area of the Australia Law literally changes on daily basis. Therefore, I would recommend that you use the services of a registered migration agent who will be able to:

  • give professional advice in the options for obtaining a visa
  • assess the risks
  • explain the visa criteria
  • inform on the dates
  • perform “from the beginning to the end” services until you receive “Visa Granted”

Contact me in any convenient way, I try to respond within a few hours!